35 Cool Kitchen Hacks To Make Life A Lot Easier

These are several clever kitchen hacks that can help all of us save time and effort while in the kitchen. Be ready to have your mind blown and change the way you cook!


1. Read the recipe all the way through before anything else

The mistake of not doing it before you cook or bake may cause you to restart all over again. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. To avoid it, make sure you have read the recipe carefully before anything else. Make certain that the ingredients and the tools you will need are prepped for much less stress and frustrations while cooking.


2. Clean as you go

The trick to mastering the tactic ‘clean as you go’ is discipline. This may be hard at first, but it will definitely get easier as you go along. Soon you will be thinking it as part of the process and you will be doing it without much thought. If truth be told, cleaning as you cook not only frees up the space you need but also allows you to focus your mind on every given task. And it actually makes it easier to move along in the kitchen, plus, it lessens the possibility of cross-contamination on the food. Keeping your area clean also aims for a more sanitary cooking experience.


3. Clean your microwave as easy as 1 2 3

The ‘Angry Mama’ uses water and vinegar to soften food bits that splattered and is sticking to the inside walls of your microwave. Fill up the infuriated woman with water and vinegar, set the microwave timer to seven minutes, and watch steam rise from her head. It is a chemical free alternative, a safer option for families with young children. You can even add drops of lemon juice to the mixture and freshen up your microwave with a fine lemon-y scent.


4. Lighten up your mood

Your mood matters. It may sound funny, but it has something to do with the taste and measurement of the meal. Someone I know once admitted to me that when she’s upset, the food she was cooking doesn’t turn out to be the way it should. The state of our mind affects our thoughts and how we behave.

Many countries value the intention and feelings of the person while cooking. The simplest meal can be the most delicious food you can make if prepared with proper care and objective. A cheerful loving cook is regarded to strengthen the nourishing and captivating power of each dish. There is one Hindu teaching that says the intention of the cook can actually be transferred to the food.


5. Strip corn kernels off the cob without sweating

Want a snack that is fast and easy to make? Or maybe you are in a hurry for packing meals either for picnic or for your kid’s lunch. Using this corn kernel stripper, you can now have your sweet corn or cheesy buttered corn in just a few minutes.


6. Slice soft cheese with no difficulty

Freeze soft cheese like fresh mozzarella, cream cheese, or cottage cheese for a few minutes to make it easier to slice.


7. Hands off the door

Especially when baking pastries, it must be forbidden in the kitchen to keep opening the oven door while something is baking. Resist it until the minimum time of baking has passed, or the oven will release enough oven heat to upset your cake or muffins and even make them not rise properly.


8. Preheat like your dinner depends on it because it does!

It is very crucial to preheat the oven that is why you should always do it (especially when the recipe requires) before baking as food does not cook evenly in cold or wrong temperature. It is very tempting to put the food inside for so many reasons such as; you are very hungry, you are craving for the food, and you want it to cook now. But don’t, the temperature will greatly affect the result, most especially when you are baking pastry.


9. Slice-pluck-scrape an Avocado in less than a minute

For most of us, slicing and peeling avocados are very inconvenient and tiring particularly when making avocado salad for breakfast. We tend to be in a bad mood in the mornings and easily lose our cool that is why this avocado slicer is a very ideal gadget to have in the kitchen.


10. Add little salt to everything

Salt can improve almost anything we cook or make. It is considered as a universal flavor enhancer since in low amounts, it can reduce bitterness but increase sweetness which is especially desirable in desserts. It can also be obtained effortlessly as it is always in the kitchen. It helps neutralize or boost all kinds of flavors and will make your sweet treats have a more complex taste which makes salt a plus ingredient to every dessert.


11. Make a garden of cupcakes using Russian tips

Whether you’re a professional baker or a home baker, isn’t it just wonderful to have beautifully decorated pastries? Usually, it would take a lot of skills and years of practice to make these lovely buttercream flowers. Not anymore, you can now decorate your cakes and cupcakes like a pro with these Russian piping tips. It is insanely easy to pipe gorgeous flowers onto anything you’re baking.


12. Peel ginger with your eyes shut

Knowing how to peel ginger the easy way, wouldn’t you share it? Well, of course, you would. That is why we are sharing it to you. You peel it with a spoon. You just need to run the concave side of the tip of the spoon to scrape off the skin. After doing this, you’ll realize the delight of having a cleaner piece of ginger.


13. Color coded chopping boards

Buying separate cutting boards for meat-only, vegetables-only, etc. has its benefits, but we just enumerated it to the two most practical ones; First, easy to use because when they are organized according to purpose, you’ll be able to pick one off the counter and start cutting or chopping right away; and second is it lessens the risk of cross contamination. It could cause the person who ate the food to get foodborne illness. Here are is an example of color-coded boards that has become the standard of many commercial kitchens and restaurants:

  • Red for raw meat
  • Blue for raw fish
  • Yellow for cooked meats
  • Green for salads and fruits
  • Brown for vegetables
  • White for dairy products


14. Wash and cut your veggies in a wink

For some of us, washing fruits and vegetables on a certain container and then having to place it on the chopping board can be very inconvenient especially for moms with smaller kids. That is why this collapsible chopping board is definitely a must-have in the kitchen.


15. Slice butter into smaller pieces to soften quickly

The recipe requires softened butter and you forgot to take it out of the fridge. What to do?

You only have to cut it in smaller pieces to warm it up quickly. Now you can go back to the rest of the recipe procedures. You’re welcome!


16. Save time in the kitchen using herb scissors

We all love cooking with herbs, don’t we? Using this pair of herb scissors can actually help you save time (as some herbs are very stubborn and be such a pain to cut) and preserve the flavor. Every kitchen needs these life-saving scissors!


17. Season and taste as you go

How will you know it tastes good without tasting it?  Tasting and seasoning your dish as you go should immediately become a normal part of the your cooking process. It is definitely one of the most integral part of cooking. Trust me, if you do this, your food will taste much much better. Tips on seasoning is that you should only pinch and add only at little at a time.


18. Defrost and chop without unwanted spilling


When your friends are suddenly coming over for dinner and you need to prepare fast, this thaw defrosting tray is your savior! It quickly defrosts frozen meat without any additional heat needed.


19. Finish the pasta in the pan

If you want an Instagram-worthy plate of pasta, then you definitely don’t want to transfer the pasta into the plate and finishing it with putting the sauce in the middle. It is undoubtedly better to coat the pasta with the sauce while it is still in the pan before transferring it into the plate. Voila!


20. Tame that steak quick and easy

Tenderizing meat is important as it makes it easier to chew and digest. It also helps make it juicier and easier to cook.


21. Salt steak like you mean it

Unlike many foods which are messed up by too much salt, steak is not. When it comes to seasoning your steak, the more the merrier. Pour amount of salt more than you think you need since most steak cuts are quite thick, and although you are already using a lot of salt, it will still only be wrapping the surface.


22. Shape it like a krabby patty

Everybody would love to have a taste of Krabby Patties but sadly, we never could. We can only imitate it and make the best out of what we have. So we need to make sure we have at least the perfect shape, like the ones Spongebob makes, right? This burger patty maker is the answer!


23. Have your burger patties shrink no more

The more fat the meat has, the more the burger will shrink, this is because the fat breaks down while being cooked. However, lean meat shrinks when cooked on a temperature that is too high for too long.

The solution is to contemplate the possibility of shrinkage by making fatty patties much bigger than you need and by coooking lean patties on a medium heat and for an acceptable period of time.

24. Boil eggs like a pro

Always disappointed when boiling eggs and it turns out not the way you expected it to be? This is the game changer. This egg timer changes color as the timer goes up, and it even indicates the soft, medium, and hard stages of boiled eggs. It works as if it is the egg itself, absorbing the heat exactly as the egg does. To use it, simply place the egg timer along with the eggs.


25. Peel hard boiled egg with zero struggle

It is such a hard work peeling the eggs and the eggs are not giving their shells up, right?

Kidding aside, it is now trouble-free when peeling eggs when you add a pinch of baking soda to the pot of water while the egg is boiling. It raises the eggs’ PH levels making it easier to peel.


26. Fill up your muffin cups without drips

This 2-in-1 batter dispenser is very ideal to use when filling up your muffin cups since you no longer have to scoop it from the container. You can even make pancakes with this and have it poured directly into the pan and enjoy your pancakes without worrying about the mess.


27. Sick of imperfect macarons?

Make the perfect macarons whenever you want with this macaron mat. Especially when you have it as a business, perfectly shaped macarons are much more appealing to customers.


28. Be patient with the shells

Let the shells cool completely before trying to pluck them from the mat or sheet. When you remove it forcibly, and the cookies are still soft, you can make them lose their shapes. Therefore, be patient. Touching the top to test if it is ready is a good way, when you can run your finger across it and it does not stick, it is good to go.


29. Eat your watermelon without the rind

Most people want to devour the watermelon without having to worry about eating or biting the rind. This is the tool you need, people!


30. Bite your apple like a modern Snow White

There are people who don’t want food in their hands and just want to stick a fork in it before eating it. Using this apple corer and slicer, you no longer have to slice your apple and worry if it is in equal parts. It even saves you time. You can just stick a fork in the slice and have a bite like a modern Snow White!


31. Keep apples from browning

The simplest way you can do to keep your apple from browning is to reduce its exposure to air, and the easiest way to do this is to immerse your apple slices in water. And because the slices will definitely float to the top, put a clean paper towl on top of the container. Once it becomes wet, it will push the slices back under the water. Another trick is to put the slices in an airtight zip-lock bag.


32. Make an Instagrammable salad with fine egg slices

We want our Instagram feeds to have creative and brilliant content so we do everything to make the subjects of the pictures as perfect as possible. This egg slicer is very handy in making Instagram-worthy egg slices to put on our salads.


33. Separate onions and potatoes

Ever pondered about your potatoes that don’t last very long? Initially, make sure to store them separate fom your onions. Both of them release moisture and gases that affect each other and make them spoil faster, so it’s better to have them stored apart from each other.


34. Save your time rolling and start pushing

Save time and effort by trying to make the perfect spring roll when you can just use this vegetable and meat roller. Fast, efficient, and convenient.


35. Give meat a quick freeze for easier slicing

Partially freezing the meat first before slicing makes the process a lot easier especially when you want to cut it into thin strips.

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