12 Ideal Indoor Plants to Liven Up Any Kitchen Space

Houseplants could not be any trendier nowadays. Adding a touch of nature to any space in your home is always a welcoming sight. But often, the kitchen is overlooked as a place to grow plants. Houseplants can add a fresh and lively feel that you didn’t realize was missing from your kitchen. Many also have air-purifying traits and produce pleasant fragrances.

Having plants in your kitchen is an easy way to add some personality and life to your space. And aside from that, a bright and lively kitchen only makes cooking dinner feel more fun and less of a chore.

Consider owning one (or more!) of the plants from our list below of the 12 ideal indoor plants to liven up your kitchen space.


1. Venus Flytrap

Nobody likes having little flies buzzing around their kitchen, but in a room that is filled with crumbs and enticing aromas, you are certainly going to find them. Combat the pests by keeping a Venus flytrap on the counter. They are a carnivorous plant, and as the name implies, they actually attract flies in and eat them. It won’t totally clear your kitchen of pests, but it can definitely help. This plant is unexpectedly easy to care for. Just keep it away from direct sunlight; pot it with poor, acidic soil; and water it to the point where the soil is thoroughly saturated.


2. African Spear

This superb plant, a relative of the more common snake plant, has pointy, upright cylindrical leaves. It produces unique spear-like growth which can be braided similarly to lucky bamboo. It tolerates almost any light level but prefers bright filtered light. It’s also drought-tolerant but will do best when watered once every two weeks and let it dry out between watering. The pot can become very unstable as it will soon be heavier at the top so place the pot somewhere it won’t be bumped.


3. Cactus

Perfect for a windowsill or bright light area and for people who don’t have time for regular watering, a cactus is the easiest element live greenery anyone can buy. Make sure to give your cacti plenty of light, too. Most cacti are super low maintenance and are an amazing trendy addition to the kitchen. For a taller, abstract look, go with prickly pear, or a traditional spiky barrel style.


4. Basil

Why pay an unreasonable amount of money for just a few sprigs of basil at the grocery store when you can grow your own?  It really is one of the most effortless herbs you can grow in your kitchen. Just keep in mind that it loves plenty of sunlight and moist soil. It hates cold and drafty areas. If you have a south-facing kitchen window, this is the plant for you. The best news? The plant does best when you harvest quite regularly.


5. Bird’s Nest Fern

The Bird’s Nest Fern or Asplenium nidus is one of the various well-known and gorgeous ferns grown as houseplants. For a tropical edge and a pet-friendly plant, this fern has wrinkled vibrant green leaves that will liven up even the brightest spaces. It prefers bright light and higher humidity spaces and requires water just once a week.


6. Spider Plant

The long leaves corresponds the name of the spider plant. An old-fashioned favorite that requires very little care, spider plant looks best in hanging pots. It prefers bright light, but it will adapt to low light levels thus making the plant known to be nearly impossible to kill. The cute plantlets that form on long, arching stems can be pinched off and planted to make new ones. Keep moist in spring and summer, but let it dry out between watering in fall and winter. It is pet-friendly, acts as an air purifier, and grows quickly.


7. Air Plant

Also called Tillandsia, an air plant is an epiphyte, which means it grows without soil in bright light. This exotic plant may look like it would be a difficult task to keep alive but it is honestly the closest you can come to a no-care plant, so it’s a good choice if you’re a newbie plant parent. It is usually sold in a hanging pot, glass globe, or mounted on a piece of wood. Water your plant by misting occasionally or rinsing once a week, then letting drip dry. These plants get nutrients from the air, hence the name, and do not need to be planted or potted. Air plants grow without soil. In the wild, they grow on rocks, trees, and the ground, but at home, you can put them attractively in terrariums, seashells, or even driftwood. Because air plants come from tropical climates, they prefer warmer environments like the kitchen.


8. Aloe Vera

Referred to as the “plant of immortality,” Aloe Vera is one of the most undemanding plants to have. In fact, they thrive when they’re left alone. It likes bright light, so you will need a window for this one. Let it dry out between watering because it does not like to be soggy. Having it in the kitchen makes it accessible especially if you keep it next to the stove since it will come in very handy in case you burn yourself. Pinch off an outer leaf and squeeze the gel-like substance onto minor burns and you will feel instant cooling effects. Compounds in the leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that speed the healing of skin tissues.


9. Snake Plant

Want a plant that looks great but requires minimal effort? The trendy, always a classic, snake plant is a really great decorative plant for the kitchen as it is tall but not wide, so it won’t take up a ton of precious counter space. It is famously easy to maintain, and is a major air purifier as well, filtering out pollutants. It loves indirect light of all types and only needs water every three to four weeks.

Warning: Snake plant is toxic to cats and dogs.


10. Monstera

The leaves that we have all seen in almost every plant print these days, a Monstera is nicknamed the “Swiss cheese plant” for its signature enormous leaves. Keep this plant out of the direct sunlight if possible, water every one to two weeks, and keep a tropical vibe going in your kitchen and dining area.


11. Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s ivy, also known as golden pothos, is a fast-growing vine that produces waxy heart-shaped foliage.  This vining plant with shiny green leaves is a good choice for the kitchen because it works in hanging baskets, which don’t take up valuable counter space. It likes moderate light but will adjust to low light. Let pothos dry out between watering. It filters formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene from the air (common pollutants in busy cities with car traffic).


12. Lavender

Looking for a houseplant that will give back? Why not give lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) a try? It soothes you when you’re stressed and gives a heavenly flavor profile in desserts and cocktails. It actually repels bugs like flies, mosquitos, moths, and more. And that means that growing fresh lavender won’t just look pretty and smell great—it’ll help you keep bugs away, too.

The only difficulty you’ll find when growing lavender indoors is light. Lavender needs hot, bright light to produce the beautiful foliage and scented blooms that everyone knows and loves. But with enough love and care, you’ll have a thriving, delightful-smelling lavender plant growing in your kitchen before you know it.

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