11 Most Popular Types of Coffee Drinks

Despite the menu displaying many different types of coffee drinks to be ordered, everybody has their favorite. Most of these drinks consist of two common ingredients; espresso and steamed milk. It’s important to keep in mind that drink ratios may vary from one coffee shop to another.

We did some research about how many types of coffee drinks there are, and we were surprised that it was quite a lot more than we thought. In this guide, we are going to share with you the most commonly ordered types of coffee drink.


1. Espresso

Espresso, also known as short black, is a concentrated form of coffee. It is the base of many coffee drinks. It’s made from the same beans but is thicker and more flavorful, served in a small mug and stronger shots. Having no sugar and cream, it’s even healthier than most coffee drinks.

To achieve an espresso, pressurized boiling water is passed through a filter containing finely ground coffee beans using a machine and then poured into a tiny mug. Although it looks simple, it’s surprisingly difficult to become an expert in. Expresso is the purest coffee experience you can get, and while not everyone may like it, it can be a really good drinking experience when you are able to find a good brew.


2. Café Americano

Cafe Americano is a popular breakfast drink and possibly originated during World War II. The soldiers would add hot water to their coffee for it to last longer. It was then adopted by baristas in America after the war. Although the water dilutes the espresso, the coffee still maintains a high level of caffeine.

Café Americano has similar strength to the regular brewed coffee, but it has different flavor. It has richer taste and fuller-bodied texture. Americano is “made-to-order”, unlike the regular brewed coffee which is usually made in advance.


3. Café Latte

Café Latte or Café au lait is quite a popular option for coffee lovers. It is made primarily of steamed milk and a single shot of coffee or espresso.

Generally, the café latte is a ratio of two parts coffee and one part steamed or scalded milk. However, some coffee shops serve it in two parts steamed milk and one part coffee or a single shot of espresso.

Café Latte is regarded as an introductory coffee drink since the acid level and bitterness of coffee is neutralized by the amount of milk in the drink. Flavored syrups are usually poured to the latte for those who enjoy sweeter coffee.


4. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a coffee drink that is usually composed of three layers, a single espresso shot, a shot of hot milk, and its surface is topped with frothed, foamy milk. The top of the foamed milk can also be sprinkled with chocolate powder. It is most often made with an espresso machine.

It is possibly the most popular type of coffee drink in the face of earth and it is usually consumed by Italians at breakfast time. It is often associated with comfort and indulgence because of its thick foamy layer and additional flavors that can also be topped it with.


5. Macchiato

Macchiato, also known as Piccolo Latte, is simply a shot of espresso with a small amount of foamed milk dashed directly into the cup. The word “macchiato” actually means ‘marked’ or ‘stained.’ It is because of the stain the milk leaves on top of the drink since it is directly dashed onto it. Therefore it is, in reality, a cross between an espresso and a cappuccino.

While it may be almost identical to a cappuccino, Macchiato is often stronger since there is no steamed milk added and it is also served in a smaller mug, usually in a size of an espresso-sized cup. Flavoring syrups can also be added usually according to the preference of the customer.


6. Café Mocha

Like a café latte, café mocha is made with an espresso shot and hot milk but with added up chocolate flavoring and sweetener, usually cocoa powder and sugar. Many coffee shops use chocolate syrup rather than powder, and others may even contain milk or dark chocolate. It can also be sometimes topped with whipped cream.

It is usually considered to be like a ‘coffee for adults’ and a ‘hot chocolate for children’ hybrid.


7. Vienna Coffee

Vienna coffee is a popular and traditional cream-based coffee drink. It is often served by making two shots of espresso in a regular size coffee mug and filling the coffee with whipped cream as a substitution for milk and sugar, until the mug is filled up.

Layering the cream is actually more appealing as it allows the flavor of coffee to be obtained to the cream, making it a more delectable creamy coffee.


8. Flat White

Flat white also originates in Australia and in New Zealand. It is very much the same as a cappuccino but it does not have the foam layer and chocolate sprinkles. To make the drink creamier and less frothy, the steamed milk from the bottom of jug is used rather than from the top.

It is now popular among the parents at school events who are really trying to stay awake.


9. Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a cocktail that consists of Irish whiskey, hot coffee, and sugar. Usually stirred and topped with cream, and it is drunk through the cream.

 Pour the whiskey into an Irish coffee mug, put a spoon inside and pour the hot coffee into it. The spoon will somehow keep the glass from bursting due to hot coffee. And because this type of coffee is made with Irish whiskey, be very careful as it can get you easily drunk.


10. Affogato

Affogato, which is also an Italian word ‘drowned’, is an Italian coffee-based dessert. It is made with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped of “drowned” in the shot of hot espresso. Other varieties also include a shot of amaretto (a popular almond-flavored liquor), Bicerin (a traditional Italian hot drink, made of espresso, hot chocolate, and milk served in layers in a small glass), or other types of liquors.

It really isn’t a coffee drink at all, since it is only a shot of espresso poured in a dessert which is commonly an ice cream.


11. Dalgona

Dalgona became popular and an internet sensation during the COVID-19 lockdown, when people started to play around with different types of coffee recipes at home.

It is a beverage made by whipping equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water until it becomes a creamy froth and a caramel paste, then it is added to either hot or cold glass of milk.

Its name originated in the Korean word for honeycomb candy which it actually resembles.

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